8 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wet Cat Food Dispenser

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8 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wet Cat Food Dispenser.

One of the easiest ways to control your cats diet is to purchase a wet cat food dispenser. This gives you the option to load food so that it releases just the right amount of food every few hours, or however often you want it.

If you search online for an wet cat food dispenser, you can become overwhelmed with so many options available, So I with that in mind I have done some research to help you out. Hopefully the following tips will help you find the right cat feeder for your needs?

To narrow down the search, consider the following tips for picking out the best wet cat food feeder. These tips will help you find the right option, and get the right cat feeder first time.

Do you need a Feeder For Short or Longer Periods?

How long are you going to have a feeder automatically feed your cat? Are you going to use this for several days at a time, or is it going to be a diet control solution? The reason why this is important is because you will find that there are several different price points and solutions available in this regard.

Some options are simple, with just 2 chambers to release food. Others have upwards of 5 or more compartments to release wet cat food and deliver it via a timer. Frequency matters, so consider that when you are looking at features. Only buy something that fits your needs, if you do not need 5 feeds a day, look at some simpler feeders that will do the job and save you money.

Customizable Times.

The next thing to consider is the timer function on the dispenser. Automatic feeders that work with wet food have specific cycles when the food chambers open and release food. Otherwise the food would spoil.

Digital timers are common, but you may find some that have different functions and settings. The rule of thumb is usually the more you spend, the more sophisticated the timer or Cat Feeder may be. This is not always a good thing, look for a feeder that is easy to program and to set the times for food release.

The Importance of Locked Chambers.

Next up, you are going to want to make sure any automatic cat feeder has locked chambers. The reason why this is important is simple, cats are smart. Cats will find a way to prop open chambers if they are not completely locked and “cat proof” so to speak.

Cats are naturally curious and like to explore any new objects that come into the home. So make sure any pet feeder comes with a  “cat-proof” lock, so your kitty does not get access to all of the food in one go. That could prove to be very messy indeed!

Do you have Multiple Cats or One Cat?

If you have one cat, you probably don’t need to consider this. However, with multiple cats in the one home, they may look to steal another cat’s food.

However you don’t need to purchase multiple units, you can simply look for options that have several opening chambers, and dispense food at different times.

You could also consider a product known as “Wireless Whiskers”, which can avoid the stealing other cat’s foods using smart technology. These smart feeders have wireless technology that only releases food to specific cats. Of course, you could always buy multiple units if you feel this is a better solution?.

Make sure the unit has Ice Packs or Cooling System.

Make sure that the wet cat food dispenser you want to purchase has an ice pack option or built in cooling system. The ice packs usually need to be frozen overnight, and replaced on a regular basis, to ensure that your cat’s food doesn’t spoil.

Ice packs can be a minor inconvenience but no more than that. Some pet feeders come with the ice packs, so make sure an check or may need to buy ice packs separately from the seller . The automatic cat feeder with built in cooling removes the need for ice packs, however they tend to be more expensive.

Are Smart Pet Feeders the best Option?

I briefly mention smart pet feeders above. For those that like their tech, then you may wish to consider smart pet food dispensers.

Most of these smart feeders will allow you to control feeing via a smartphone( always check if you can use android or iPhone before buying, as you need to make sure the feeder is compatible with your smart phone )

There are several options that work with the iOS and Android devices, which can let you control how and when you feed your cat straight from your phone. As I also mentioned some pet feeders come with smart recognition technology, that will only release food to certain cats( usually via a smart collar or tag)

Some people like their tech and look for the latest gadget, nothing wrong with that but always bear in mind you are looking for the best solution to your problem, don’t get pulled in by “shiny object” syndrome.

Powering your Pet Feeder.

Take into consideration how your dispenser is going to work. Is it going to work with batteries or through an AC adaptor?

This will help you decide where to place it in the home for example near a plug point. Alternatively you might want to place it where there is no power source, so battery operated might be a better option.

Not all pet feeders are electronic, some rely on gravity based systems that require no power to operate.

Easy to Clean.

Lastly, you need to consider if you can clean your dispenser easily. Since you’re dealing with wet cat food, you will need to clean it after every cycle. You cannot just simply set it and forget it, and not clean it.

Some unit parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher, so check the features. Others can be cleaned by hand but whatever method you need to use, make sure and keep it cleaned for your pets sake and for your own, nobody wants the smell of stale cat food in their home.

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