Best Diabetic Cat Food

Best Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic Cat Food.

Cats like humans can suffer from various diseases, unfortunately Diabetes is becoming a more common ailment in many cats. No one is sure why Diabetes is on the rise in Cats but it is a growing concern for many Cat owners.

There is a huge market in Diabetic Cat Food and the continued problem of Diabetes has led many cat food manufacturers to produce Diabetic Cat Food specifically to help cats with this illness.

However when it comes to picking the best diabetic cat food, you need to be careful and pick the correct option for your Cat. As I have already mentioned diet control can play an important part in controlling diabetes in cats, as well as preventing possible long term damage.

Before we look at diabetic food for cats, let first of look at the symptoms and possible causes of Diabetes in cats.

Cause of Diabetes in Cats.

Unlike the human form of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, the exact cause of this illness is not known. It does however seem to more common in overweight cats, as with overweight humans in the case of Type 2 Diabetes.

However there is no conclusive proof that being an overweight cat causes diabetes, however limited studies have shown that the risk is higher if your cat is overweight. Having an overweight Cat is not good for your pet, even if they don’t get Diabetes, they are more likely to develop other long term illness.


Is There a Cure For Cat Diabetes?

The short answer is no, it can be controlled by diet and medication. With proper control it can be put into remission but it currently can’t be cured. The only thing you can do for your Cat is to manage the disease and to do what you can to help your cat live as healthy as life as possible.


Cat Diabetes Symptoms.

If you are worried your Cat my have developed Diabetes, then you should consult your Vet as soon as possible. Symptoms to look out for are, your cat drinking more than usual( cats get most of their water from their wet food) or urinating more often than usual. Also look out for rapid weight loss, which can be a sign of Diabetes.The other major sign is your cat over eating, as their bodies are not getting the nutrition they need from their food intake.

If your Cat is showing any of the above symptoms, contact your Vet.


Using Diet to Control Cat Diabetes.

They always say prevention is better than cure. So while there are no conclusive studies to say overweight cats will develop Diabetes, it can be said without doubt that it raises the risk of it developing.

It is vital then that you make sure your Cat has a healthy and has a controlled Diet. Do not overfeed your Cat and do not give them human foods especially carbs, which may have a link to Diabetes in Cats or make it worse.

If you keep your Cat on a good diet and keep their weight under control, you are doing all you can to prevent them getting Diabetes. There is no more you can do to help them other than doing this one thing.


Are Diabetic Cat Foods Worth It?

If there is no cure for Cat Diabetes and other than keeping your Cat’s weight under control, is there any benefit to feeding yourCat Diabetic Cat Food?

I am of the opinion that you do not need to buy expensive Diabetic Cat Food. The key is to feed your Diabetic Cat a high protein based wet cat food. Most vets would advise you avoid dry cat food for a Cat with Diabetes, as many of these dry cat foods are high in carbohydrates, which is not a natural food for cats.

Cat’s are are natural carnivores and as such need a high protein diet, especially if they have been diagnosed as being Diabetic. Most Vet’s agree that Cat’s with Diabetes should have a low carbohydrate food intake, a good split being 1-2% carbohydrate and 50% animal based protein and up to 45% fats( with a water content of 70%)

I would say that if feed your Cat a good quality wet Cat Food with the wet food split above, this should do the same job as prescription diabetic cat food. However I would still speak to your Vet, as your cat may need a combination of diet and medication to control the Diabetes. Every cat is different and medical advice should always be sought before deciding on course of action.

I hope this post has given you a good overview of Cat Diabetes and whether diabetic cat food is something you should consider.