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8 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wet Cat Food Dispenser

Find the Best Wet Cat Food

8 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wet Cat Food Dispenser. One of the easiest ways to control your cats diet is to purchase a wet cat food dispenser. This gives you the option to load food so that it releases just the right amount of food every few hours, or however often you want […]

Automatic Water Bowl for Cats

Best Automatic Water Bowl for Cats

How to Pick Out an Automatic Water Bowl For Cats. One of the keys to keeping your cat healthy, is giving them access to fresh water on a regular basis. They should always have clean, fresh water, as that’s one of the critical elements of their diets. Here’s the thing, many people have work, school, […]

Best Diabetic Cat Food

Best Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic Cat Food. Cats like humans can suffer from various diseases, unfortunately Diabetes is becoming a more common ailment in many cats. No one is sure why Diabetes is on the rise in Cats but it is a growing concern for many Cat owners. There is a huge market in Diabetic Cat Food and the […]

All About Cat Feeding System

All About Cat Feeding System

If you are a cat lover, you will understand that they have basic needs similar to our own. They need, food, water, a litter box and little bit of cuddling, in order to have a happy life. Okay we don’t need a Litter box, but we do need a toilet! However when you are busy […]

How Do Automatic Pet Feeders Work?

How Do Automatic Pet Feeders Work?

Pets play a major role as stress busters for many pet owners, but in today’s hectic life it is not possible to be near your pet at their feeding time. There are many pet gadgets coming to the market for pet owners to make their life easier, helping them enjoy more time with their pets. […]

Choosing the Right Natural Dry Cat Food.

Natural Dry Cat Food

Natural Dry Cat Food. One of the biggest themes in cat nutrition today is whether dry food is good for cats. Dry cat food manufacturers use grains, not because they are what the cats normally would eat in the wild, but because they help to hold the food together. This then is clearly not what […]

How to Introduce a New Cat into a One Cat Home.

two cats one home

Two or More Cats in the Home? Unlike dogs, cats are not pack animals and are perfectly happy to be your sole pet. However, sometimes we humans would like to have a multi-cat household and bring a new cat or kitten home to the resident cat despite his/her displeasure. If you don’t handle the introduction […]

DIY Automatic Cat Feeder: Is It A Good Option For You?

DIY Automatic Cat Feeder Is It A Good Option For You

Holiday season is here and you are ready to set out for a fun-filled vacation. Bags ready and everything checked, but wait. Who will take care of Fido or Tiger? While leaving your pet home alone may mean they have a whale of a time running about and playing without restrictions, what happens when they […]

How to Set an Automatic Pet Feeder

How to Set an Automatic Pet Feeder

Imagine this – you are about to leave office when your boss suddenly gives you extra work or you are stuck in a traffic jam that doesn’t seem to move a bit. Does that make you feel guilty? If you have a pet at home waiting for momma to come back and serve meal then […]