Why Use a Dog Bowl Stand

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The Benefits Of Having A Dog Bowl Stand.

The main benefit a dog bowl stand is the way it can help your dog or dogs to eat in the best way possible based on their size and health.  An adjustable dog bowl stand is a useful tool for dogs that have health issues such as arthritis or other medical conditions that may cause them issues if they need to stoop to low to feed

A good dog bowl stand can also be used to help your dogs digest well and prevent possible future health problems caused by straining too low to eat.

Large Dog Bowl Stand.

If you have a larger dog breed,  your dog stooping down to feed is not good for your it’s long term health. Using a dog feeding stand allows you adjust the height of the dog bowl to allow the dog to feed at a height that is suitable for them.

Dogs come in all shapes in sizes, so simply placing a dog bowl on the floor is not the best idea, especially for larger dogs. A bowl on stand will lead to a much better eating experience for your dog. It helps big dogs eat at level that is comfortable for them, with the additional benefit of better digestion of food.

When I tried out a fixed outdoor dog bowl stand with our Newfoundlands I could see a visible slow down when he started to eat at level that was comfortable for him. He used to gulp food down when his bowl was on the ground.

Now I am not sure if having his bowl at a higher level was the main reason he slowed down his eating, as I have not had the stand long enough to reach that conclusion. However I can only report what I have seen with my Newf and it certainly seem to benefit him.


More Than One Dog Bowl Stand.

Most of these dog bowl stands come at least two bowl holders, this can be useful in two ways. Firstly you can use one bowl for food and one for water. I usually advise having the water bowl at a lever that is always accessible for your dog. The food bowl can be raised or lowered to suit feeding times, but you should have the water bowl available and full to keep your dogs hydrated.

The second benefit of the two bowl stand is the ability to control access to food, if you have more than one dog. For example if you have a small dog you need something that will put the bowl on their level, so you can actually make one lower for a smaller dog and have it at a higher level for a bigger dog.

This works well at stopping smaller dogs accessing food meant for your bigger dog. However  to be fair it does not really work the other way around, as obviously your bigger dog will still be able to access food at  lower level.


So a Dog Bowl Stand can prove to be a useful tool when it comes to feeding your dogs. It allows you to control access to the food, as well ensuring your dog is not straining themselves when feeding. This is particularly important if your dog is unwell or has some form of impairment which makes it difficult for them to bend down to get at their food.

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There are various Dog Bowl stands on the market to suit most budgets, what you should be looking for is a well made and sturdy stand, that can withstand your dogs( the bigger the dog the better build you will need)

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