Best Elevated Dog Feeder

How does and Elevated Dog Feeder Help your Dog?

Many dogs can benefit from using an elevated dog feeder, the elevation of the feeding station means dogs do not need to stoop too low to feed or if they are unable to due to illness or injury.

Lets look at some further benefits of an elevated dog feeding station as well as some good examples of the best elevated dog feeding options on the market.


Elevated Dog Feeders can help with Posture.

This is especially true of larger dogs. The more a dog has to strain to get its food, the more likely it is to injure itself. If the dog is able to feed from a height that is comfortable for it, the likelihood of injury is reduced.

While larger dogs are more at risk, any dog will benefit from feeding at the right height. Good posture in dogs as in humans will lead to better overall health. Good posture will promote good digestion and keep you dog strong and supple.

Elevation can reduce air ingestion in Dogs.

One thing that dogs like is feeding time! If your dogs are anything like mine, the saying “feeding frenzy” certainly applies. The problem with dogs eating too quickly is as they gulp food down,they are gulping down a lot of air at the same time.

If your dog gulps down too much air, they can end up vomiting food back up, which is not good for your dog or you( you gotta clean the mess up) Using an elevated dog bowl, has been proven in many instances to reduce the speed at which dogs eat. I know from experience that it has helped my dogs slow down when eating, if combined with an automatic pet feeder

Automatic pet feeders are not always required,  I am just letting you know for me it was something that worked. In many cases an elevated feeder will do the job and help slow down feeding.

Elevated Feeders help Larger Dogs avoid Strains.

As I mentioned briefly above, larger dogs are prone to more muscle and neck strains due to their size. The act of stooping down to feed at floor level for many large dog breeds is a problem.

By using an elevated dog feeding station, you can ensure the dog does not need to strain at all in order to feed. I have a friend that has Great Danes and he swears by elevated dog feeders, as prior to that he had a lot of issues with his dogs straining muscles when feeding at ground level.

What is Best Height for an Elevated Dog Feeder?

I have a had  look into this and the consensus seems to be the dogs shoulder height. This seems logical when you think of a Dog. The dogs shoulder is just below head height so a standing dog will then be able to easily access any food without straining if it reaches it shoulder if that makes sense?

So if you have your dog standing, simply measure from the floor to the top of its shoulder, this should then give you the height you need when buying an elevated dog stand.

Now this brings me onto the next question, what if your dog is not fully grown yet? If that is the case, you are going to need an adjustable raised dog feeder.

With an adjustable dog feeder, you can raise the feeder to suit the dog as it grows. If you have a fully grown dog or dogs then this is not an issue for you.

Check out some great deals on Elevated Dog Feeders and please feel free to leave any reviews on Dog Feeding options below.


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