eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser Review

Best Automatic Pet Feeder

The eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser.

As working dog owners, finding a good feeding solution for your dog that does not involve paying for a dog sitter is something many dog owners face. One solution is to consider and automatic pet feeder to do the job when you are not home.

So at this site we review the best and the worst automatic pet feeders, so you can make an informed choice. For you, convenience is the key to making your life easier and ensuring your dog is fed on time. The eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser can help make your life easier. This is an easy to use pet feeder that can to hold up to 5.5 liters of dry food in its hopper at any one time. It is also comes with a pet proof lock for the lid and can be used indoors and outside.

Like all pet feeders, it is designed to save you time and hassle, as busy pet owners with work and other commitments this is a viable solution to your problem. Feeding times can be set to dispense food by setting the timer using the simple LCD screen on the back.

The Feeder also comes with an option to record your voice( up to 10 seconds) so you can record yourself calling your dog or cat to get fed( works really well)


The following are some of the key features you get when you use the eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser.

  • It comes with a transparent food hopper allowing you to see the amount of food left at anytime.
  • The feeder is offered in three color pearl white, pearl tan and pearl blue to suit the décor and style of your kitchen
  • The pet feeder is suitable for  cats and dogs.
  • It is made using impact resistant ABS plastic, which also offers good heat resistance.
  • It comes with a detachable bowl, which makes it easy to clean
  • The LCD timer settings are very easy to use.
  • It can be used for multiple pets
  • You can use the Hopper to store dry food securely.
  • The hopper lid has a Pet Proof Lock to stop your dog of cat opening it.


  • The feeder design will blend in wherever ypu place it
  • See Thru dry food storage so easy see the level of food
  • Good food capacity
  • Simple set up, manual takes you thru set up
  • Runs on Batteries, so can be placed anywhere you wish.
  • You also have the option to plug it in if you want to.


  • Some People have said they can’t see the Battery Life Indicator too well.
  • Needs to be re-programmed if you let the Battery run out.


The eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser is definitely an option for many pet owners that can’t always be around to feed their Dog or Cat.

The Feeder is very easy to use and set up is straight out of the box. The clear Hopper allows you to monitor how much food is left and the large food capacity is big enough to last a good amount of time.

This like many other automatic pet feeders will do the job for you, however unlike other feeders, it is not complicated to use and is easy to maintain. This means you can set a proper eating schedule for your Dog or Cat whether you are home or not.

The eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser is one of the most cost effective and reliable solutions available on the market right now. It is well priced compared to more expensive models and does just as good a job.


The eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser compares well against other similar priced models as well as more expensive products. Check out some other models here, but I do not think you will go far wrong with this Automatic Pet Feeder.



The eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser is the an excellent choice for any busy pet owner who needs a solution to feeding their pets when away from home.

We really loved the eTTgear Electric Pet Dry Food Dispenser, it offers convenience, is well made and won’t cost too much to buy. All in a good buy and despite some minor issues, would have no hesitation recommending it for anyone looking for an Automatic Pet Food Feeder.