Pet Water Feeder Fountain,8.3 lbs Automatic Dog Cat Water Food Dispenser Review

Automatic Food and Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs

Automatic Feeder Pet Waterer Combo- 8.3 lbs Feeder and Water Bowl By Old Tjikko Review.

Having a pet is a wonderful thing, however it comes with a bit of work and some people may find that they are quite busy, but still want to make sure their pets are fed and watered. That’s where automated devices can come into play.

Things like automated feeders, and water bowls are good solutions for those with a great deal on their plates at any one time and just don’t have the time to refill things manually.

You can however look after your cat or dog with automated feeding, so if your are nit home, you do not need to worry about whether they are fed or not.

One option that you may want to consider is an automatic feeder pet waterer combo. You will find that there a lot on the market, but  we have  had a look at a the market and consider the Automatic Feeder Waterer Combo by Old Tjikko.


Let’s have a look at the specific features that come with it. If you are looking for an automatic feeder and pet waterer combination device, you will need to factor in a few things beforehand.

For instance, you’ll want to consider the size, shape, visual design, and capacity. You may also want to consider the size of your pet, and whether they eat at set times or not. The solution offered by the makers of thi combination feeder Tjikko has designed it for smaller dogs, and cats so may not be suitable for larger Dogs.

Here are the main features.

  • Splash Guard
  • Automated Water Dispensing
  • Combo Water and Dry Food Feeding
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Well Made
  • Visually Appealing
  • 400 ML Water Capacity
  • 8 Pound Dry Food Capacity


Let’s look at the pros.

Easy To Work With – the first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s easy to work with. You simply fill the water and load the food, and you set and forget. Leaving  your pets able to eat without having you to be there.. With a 400ML water capacity and a 8-pound food capacity, you will find this to be sufficient for most cats and smaller dogs.

Dispenses Automatically – no need to program anything, this automatically delivers a small amount of food as your pet eats. It doesn’t overfill the bowl, and the water doesn’t interfere with the food side as it’s well separated.

Quiet – the feeder is pretty well noise free, and doesn’t make any noise when dispensing. You won’t hear it, and your pets won’t get spooked by loud noises as it uses a gravity based system to dispense the food and water.

No spill Design – The design is such that it limits spilling, so that you should not have much to worry about if you are not home.


There are a few downsides to this, but not many. They include the following.

Small Size – this is not meant for a large dog, but rather smaller dogs and cats.

Fighting Can Ensue – some reviewers noted that it’s meant for one pet rather than multiple pets that may fight over food.You may need to consider buying more than one?

Food Comes Out Slowly – there are some that would prefer the food to come out quicker, as this has a slow, persistent method. Not sure if that is a con? The last thing you want to do is overfeed your cat or dog, so slow food delivery is a good thing in my opinion?


So all in the automatic feeder waterer combo can be a good solution. It does all that you’d expect from an automatic feeder, and based on prices at time of writing this post, it not overly expensive for the convenience it brings you. Coupled with ease of use, you will not go far wrong it’s easy to work with. Check you latest prices and further reviews here.